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Cork musical foursome If You Discover A Fire launch their untitled EP in Cork’s Unitarian Church this Friday. Aileen, Roisin, Leigh and Dave took a little time out from being rockstars and generally brilliant people to answer a few questions for the Soapbox…

How did you get together?  Roisin had a college recital and coerced Leigh and Dave to help her. We then found Aileen in a hedge and have been writing and playing since.

Who are your influences? We all come from diverse musical backgrounds, and have many influences. The music we produce together is influenced by Portishead, Nick Cave, Danny Elfman, and Chopin.

Who are the really embarrassing influences of the other members that they won’t admit to? None of us are really embarrassed by what we like. Dave is pure into Phil Collins, and Britney Spears. Leigh’s first CD was Atomic Kitten. Roisin’s first album was Westlife. I’m not ashamed by my love and appreciation for Enya.

Tell us about your writing/recording process?  Dave and Roisin go into a room and share the writing process. The Leigh and I come along and sprinkle awesomeness all over that bitch!

Cheese or Tea?  Cheese. Though Aileen is mad for the tae!

If you weren’t doing music, what’d you be up to instead?  Dave would be a teacher/writer. Roisin’s plan B is to marry wealthy. Leigh would be on the farm. Aileen would be a guerilla fighter

With a growing chunk of new Irish music being generated entirely on digital instruments, do bands playing traditional instruments feel a bit outnumbered?  No there is wealth of talented bands in Ireland. For example, Twin Headed Wolf, Meltybrains?, and The Altered Hours.

Any plans to tour? Finances Pending. We hope to tour Ireland, then Europe.

Did you hear “dayman” was actually written about William Shatner? No, we did not! But we love it even more now!

It’s cold. It’s rainy. I want to stay in this Saturday. Convince me not to? C’mon ta fuck, we’ll shift ya!

For the benefit of the thronging masses that want to catch the show, what’s on the menu? 

  • Our EP launch on Saturday August 1st.
  • The White Horse Sessions, Lahinch, August 4th.
  • 96/1 in Cork on the 29th of August.
  • Culture Night, at Camden Palace, Cork on the 18th of September.
  • Mother Jones Flea Market, Cork 26th of September.


For more gig dates, launch news, and general musical frolicking click here.


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  1. I listen to alot of music but Discover a Fire have musicality, talent & musical ability that most other bands around don’t have. They will make it big. If not music will be the loser.

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