Just two weeks to go till E3

The E3 video games trade show, taking place from 16th-18th of June, has become the single most hotly anticipated games event of the year since its inception in 1995. The event gives games publishers and developers a platform from which to show off their upcoming releases. For gamers it represents a focal point for their hopes of that long awaited sequel announcement.

This year all eyes are on Bethesda studios who are poised to announce that they have been working on Fallout IV,  sequel to the Fallout III and New Vegas pairing. The ‘vault dwellers’ journeys through the post apocalyptic nuclear wastelands of Washington DC and Nevada won critical acclaim and a special place in the hearts of many gamers.

Fallout Teaser A trail of clues have been disseminated by die hard Fallout fans online over the past number of months: copyright filings by Bethesda, mention of work on the theoretical game on a designers CV but Bethesda essentially put the rumours to rest when they went live with a 24 hour countdown clock earlier today. Expect much more news on that between now and E3. While Bethesda look set to steal the show a number of other developers have some exciting releases on the way that are likely to be seen at the show. Activision are expected to be showcasing the latest instalment in the highly successful Call of Duty series – Black Ops III and Guitar Hero Live. Fans of the hugely successful MMO Destiny, who are still picking their way through the ‘House of Wolves’ DLC dropped in late May, might well be treated to news of the next content drop slated for the autumn. ‘The Taken King’ (previously working under the title ‘Comet’) has been referred to as Destiny 1.5 and, according to a leak from developer Bungie earlier in the year, is expected to offer players 12 new story missions, 4 new strikes and a new raid as well as new character subclasses and other changes. Given Bungies propensity for applying community feedback this may all have changed; hopefully E3 will shed some light on what players can look forward to.

Capcom will be previewing the special edition release of their 2008 classic Devil May Cry 4. The special edition will see Virgil and Trish make comebacks as well as the introduction of a new character called Lady. Fans of the classic Street Fighter franchise will also be hoping to get a look at the fifth instalment of the series slated for release in early 2016. Square Enix are likely to follow up on the recently released trailer for Adam Jensen’s next outing in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The sequel takes place two years after the events depicted in Human Revolution when a post golden age society has fractured into a diversity of groups with different ideas about the place of human augmentation in the new world. New content for Final Fantasy XV is also expected.

Warner Brothers have a raft of upcoming releases including Batman: Arkham Knight, Mad Max and Lego Dimensions. Also expected to be on show, Metal Gear Solid V is to be the last game in the series with original game designer Hideo Kojima at the helm. The producer has parted ways with Konami 28 years after they created the first Metal Gear game. It’s thought that EA will focus on the Star Wars and Battlefield franchises although an announcement on the latest Mass Effect game hasn’t been ruled out.

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