Senan Dolan,
acclaimed film writer and director, was originally with the Blumpkine crew but joined Soapbox along with the others in 2015. Not constrained to one specific topic, you’ll see him pop up with everything from political analysis to film reviews. Click here to contact him.


Damien Houlihan,  resident economist, continues to deliver informed and thought-provoking analysis of the world of finance without all that industry jargon. You can reach him by clicking here.


Jimi Kavanagh, Editor-in-chief of soapbox.ie, has been blogging, opining and commenting on the internet since the tail end of the last century. Along with most of the team, he moved here from Blumpkine in June 2015.  Click here to get in touch.


David O’Connor, psychologist and former boxing correspondent on Pundit Arena runs the show over at our sports section. He also joined the crew from the Blumpkine team in 2015. Email him by clicking here.


Martin Meany is the owner of the hugely successful GOOS3D, Ireland’s leading tech blog. Taking his training from history writing, Martin is an avid gamer, tech writer and general entertainment fan. You can reach him here.

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